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11th May 2024
⚡️ NEW: Auto sizing groups for collective grouping of objects
1️⃣ Assign objects to groups in the model
2️⃣ Groups resize around assigning objects
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Jeff, Remy, Cris, Tim, Dan, Tarik, Alex, Vinay, Anson, Fredrik, Arek, Leonid, Roland, Georg, Dmitri, Stephen, Trinh, Boris, Jeremy, Jason, Dani, Andrew, Lee, Danijel, Omar, Brian, Darrell, Tim
  • Groups can be assigned to any model objects, except other groups
  • Groups store ownership in the model
  • Groups resize automatically around assigned objects
  • Add to group dropdown item in model object details panel
  • Added tech choices to lower connections
  • Added button to add display description
Squashed bugs
  • Deployment diagrams are now easier with Group changes
  • Some dependency views didn't show outgoing connections
  • Areas (Groups) are easier to select if overlapping other areas
  • Renamed Areas to Groups in the app
27th April 2024
  • Object type icon added to right hand panel
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed area Z index on areas, improving resizing and connecting
  • User token not found error when navigating to the dependency tab from the connections details tab on a share link
  • Browser back required 2 clicks to return to a diagram from dependency viewer
  • Area object style changes
  • Actor icon shape is now square
  • Removal of dashed lines on areas, expanded objects and pinned tags
20th April 2024
⚡️ NEW: Details panel simplified and pulsing connections
1️⃣ Simplified right hand panel design to help scan and edit quicker
2️⃣ Outgoing connections pulse on object selection
  • Simplified right hand panel design
  • New button actions within right hand panel for quicker editing
  • Outgoing connections now pulse on selected object
Squashed bugs
  • Upgraded to Pixi 7 - General diagram performance increase
13th April 2024
⚡️ NEW: Change team colours
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John, Andrew, Elisa, Asbjørn
  • Team colour selection
  • Search icon added to object creation placeholder
  • Buy training button during onboarding and help center
Squashed bugs
  • Switching diagrams sometimes does not cache objects correctly
  • Typo on signup page checkbox
  • Spacing seems different for in 0 diagrams vs exists in 1+ diagrams
  • Flows and tag groups have different letter spacing
  • Dropdown headers have different spacing
  • Faster initial page load with some bundle optimizations
6th April 2024
Squashed bugs
  • Selecting a connection in the dependencies view doesn't always show all the connections
  • New guided onboarding flow to help users create their first model & diagram
  • Flow arrows for back and next updated for clarity
1st April 2024
Squashed bugs
  • Domain selector not scrolling when wider than window.
  • Dependency viewer tab is broken on share links.
  • Added temporary verification link to emails until we can investigate outlook classic issues.
16th March 2024
⚡️ NEW: Change the default line shape across all diagrams
1️⃣ Change the default line shape across all diagrams
2️⃣ Batch update line shapes in a diagram
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Gabor, Todd, Thomas, Tommi, Fardjad
  • New Diagramming section in organization settings to edit default line shape
  • Select multiple connections in a diagram and update their line shapes
  • Automated emails on subscriptions and cancellations
Squashed bugs
  • Lower connections tab doesn't work in the dependencies view
  • Browser back doesn't save history in the dependencies view
  • Selecting a connection with a low number and then a high number doesn't show the correct number of connections in the list
  • Changing the object of focus multiple times breaks the dependencies view
  • Long names break the right-hand panel in the dependencies view
  • Min width on some screen sizes causes horizontal scroll when the object is selected
  • Dependencies show both objects selected but not both relationships in the right-hand panel
  • Active object in centre dot is grey not blue
  • Lower connections don't show as visible in the connections tab
  • Pasting long-form emails into invite field splits incorrectly
  • Improved the "Unauthorized" error messages for merging an object that is locked by a team
  • New users are taken to a Level 2 diagram
  • Self-checkout option for our Pilot program on our website
16th March 2024
⚡️ NEW: Dependency view for viewing your model connections
1️⃣ View connections in the new dependency viewer
2️⃣ Simplified connections tab
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Ryan, Martin, Telma, Donald, Omar, John, Richard, John
  • New dependency viewer
  • Refreshed design for object connections list tab
  • View object dependencies button added to the connections list
  • Editable connection names in the object connections tab
  • Improved design for landscape overview to maximize view height
  • Always show stepper on pricing seat count text field
  • Improved dialog window to handle connection problems with the socket
Squashed bugs
  • Connections list re-orders when name or diagram count changes
  • Reset password not working for uppercase email addresses
  • Onboarding emails not sending
  • Validation errors causing server errors for Backstage import
  • 30mb limit for Structurizr and Backstage imports
  • Editor toolbar overflows on Firefox
  • Removed connection count from object tabs
24th February 2024
Squashed bugs
  • Email buttons are not being rendered on outlook
  • Email icons are black instead of grey
  • Email subject sometimes uses the wrong user name
  • Email comment box uses flex which is not supported by gmail
  • Email grid is not well optimized for mobile vs desktop screen sizes
  • API keys are not able to update organization users list
  • Comment resolved emails not being sent
  • Connection count in right hand details panel is incorrect
  • Model object hierarchy dropdown sometimes shows in the wrong order
  • Flow steps are not showing next/prev when alt/par steps are active beyond the second step
  • Flows error on the free plan when a template has more than the allocated limits
  • Level 1 zoom up button takes you to level 2 sometimes
  • Registering a new account while already logged in puts you back in the old account
  • Replyig to thread shows both comment boxes in the email as if they were sent by the same user
  • Some users are unable to edit connections as expected
18th February 2024
⚡️ NEW: IcePanel templates, emails & QOL improvements
1️⃣ Templates of existing systems for learning the C4 model
2️⃣ Blank diagrams no longer show in the overview screen
3️⃣ New emails courtesy of Resend ❤️
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
George, Luke, Andrew, Trinh, Robér, Brian, James, Robér, Fardjad
  • 6 pre-made landscape templates
  • Has a description filter on the model object list
  • Blank template now includes two connections
  • Default diagram names now include the model name and diagram type
  • Diagrams with no objects are now hidden from the overview list
  • New 21-day onboarding email campaign for new users
  • One-click unsubscribe from email notifications and marketing messages
  • Support for importing Structurizr URLs into generic links
  • Subscription currency can now be changed during a growth trial
  • Moved email providers to Resend, ditched SendGrid
  • Pre-render PNG exports when navigating to the export tab
  • Simplified onboarding helper tooltips
  • Job role added to onboarding user profile badge
Squashed bugs
  • Area box doesn't keep connections attached when dragging
  • Edit pencil overlapping 3 dot menu in landscape dropdown
  • Landscape dropdown name truncation broken
  • Error merging diagram draft with flows on free plan when limit reached
  • Flow deletion step count does not include steps in paths
  • Scrolling the model object list with arrow keys does not scroll the view
  • Structurizr description going into detailed description instead of display description
  • Structurizr exporter docs are missing from the link in-app
  • Users invited to organizations with the wrong permission if there's already an auto-invite configured
  • Active flow step sometimes not showing in the canvas
  • 3rd party libraries model view not working
  • Team dropdown name truncation broken
  • New users will be subscribed to the growth plan trial after registering
  • Growth trial bar moved to the toolbar on the overview screen
  • Improved performance when duplicating or deleting large landscapes
  • User invite duration increased from 2 to 7 days
  • Free plan now has a per diagram flow limit of 1
29th January 2024
⚡️ NEW: Protect your objects from accidental editing
1️⃣ Choose who can edit specific objects
2️⃣ Team page upgraded with quick option to view all team owned objects
3️⃣ Fixed zoom out navigating to the last diagram you were on
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Anson, Fardjad, Phil, Or, Aaron, Robér, Linus, Kalarrs, Richard, John, George, John, Valerie, Lance, Grant, Donald, Christopher, Diago, Alejandro, Frédérick, Mark, Sandy, João
  • Restrict editing of model objects to all editors or just owners
  • Restrict editing of model connections via the sending model object
  • Confirmation dialog when you are about to lose edit access to an object or connection
  • Redesigned team management screen
  • Replaced ownership team objects screen with teams list view
  • Zooming out of an object now puts you back in the diagram you came from
  • Edit text fields in the canvas by pressing enter
  • Control start and end, forwards, backwards, command arrow hotkeys in the canvas
  • Model object and connection identifiers to CSV exports
  • Up and down arrow keys on the model object list moves the election
  • Redirect users into the app from the login screen if they are already logged in
  • Always add a default containing box when zooming in and creating new diagram
  • Dialog for users on mobile devices warning them that IcePanel is not designed for mobile
Squashed bugs
  • Adding a step within a path adds it outside the path
  • Clicking outside the plan/payment modal does not dismiss the window
  • Deleting a team does not reset the owners of it
  • Duplicating diagrams and flows puts them at the bottom of the list
  • Hotkey for adding an object in the canvas turns on camera mode
  • Button link is broken on invite waiting email notification
  • Landscape name edit field only takes up half the width
  • Next and previous steps in parallel or alternate paths don't show if "show all steps" is off
  • Team members dropdown is not shown for read-only users
  • Pinning all tags in a group does not tag them in the same order as the bar
  • Reordering tech choices does not work
  • Incorrect truncation for long names in team management and list screens
  • Ensure all tables across the app have a default sort header and direction
  • The logout button is not shown for billing users
  • Zoom button difficult to click sometimes
  • Clicking away during an object creation creates the object even if nothing is typed
  • Escape not reverting text in a few text fields across the app
  • Go to flow step showing up in flow recommendations to write a description
  • Reset pending list of emails when closing the invite dialog
30th December 2023
⚡️ NEW: Link flows together and increase focus in a flow
1️⃣ New “Go to” flow step to link flows together
2️⃣ Parallel and Alternate paths now show in flow collapsed view
3️⃣ Option to show only current, previous and next step in flows
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John, Sumit, Anson, Brian, Yves, Daniel, Vinay, Fardjad
  • Link flow steps to another flow
  • Show flow paths in the collapsed flow viewer
  • Only show flow step description for previous, current and next
  • Reorderable flows list
  • Clone flow steps
  • Infer flow step description from connection name
  • Made store cylinder more cylindrical
  • Search diagrams within a group on the overview screen
  • Rename button added to tag hover state
  • Go to the next path button for flow paths
  • Cancel object creation on blur if no name is provided
  • Fuzzy search to flow object and connection dropdowns
  • Flow object dropdown ordered by most used in the flow
Squashed bugs
  • Flow code export doesn’t escape + or / correctly
  • The sender/receiver field disappears from some connections
  • Can’t change object type in the model object list
  • Support window Brian is sitting at the wrong z-index
  • Share link single sign-on login does not work in Safari
  • Truncation broken on a model connection delete dialog
  • Stop shift enter from submitting the contact form
  • Clicking new connection and typing immediately clears the input
  • The tag picker is not centered when the pin icon showing
  • Future and deprecated objects don’t change their style on hover
  • Tours removed
  • Enterprise plan deprecated, replaced with isolation plan
  • Improved performance drawing lots of text in the same view
  • Improved performance drawing lots of stores in the same view
  • Improved performance drawing lots of dashed lines
  • Improved performance drawing lots of connection colours
  • Improved performance dragging objects with many connections
  • Maximum pulsing lines in a selection limited to 5
25th November 2023
⚡️ NEW: Flow path improvements and better help requesting
1️⃣ Flow path dropdown and reordering
2️⃣ Help menu for in-app help requests
3️⃣ We’re hiring…
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John, Luke, Arek, Blair
  • Flow alternate and parallel paths dropdown list instead of tabs
  • Duplicate and reorder flow paths
  • In-app contact support popup window
  • Extra connector point added to the top of actors
  • Refreshed help center dropdown
  • Request technology choice button in the search results list
  • Draft pill on the share link page
  • DPA acceptance in the registration flow
  • Simplify growth price and discount calculator
  • Enterprise pricing published publicly
Squashed bugs
  • Unable to remove new objects and connections created in drafts
  • The diagram group name is not truncated correctly
  • Deleting a diagram with a child does not delete the draft correctly
  • User invite can be submitted with no value
  • Error when copying to clipboard has no error message
  • Teams cannot be set on objects when in the model list
  • The share link password field is not validating on blur
  • Connection names not hiding when show names are turned off
  • User avatar list not showing when no landscapes exist
  • Flow context menu not white on click
  • Create new alt path chevrons flicker from start to end
  • Removed collapsed right drawer
  • Deprecated tours and removed for new users
  • Black and white colours removed from teams for better contrast
5th November 2023
⚡️ NEW: See where your teammates are & unlimited viewers
1️⃣ Collaboration avatars to see where your teammates are
2️⃣ Invite unlimited viewers into IcePanel on all plans
3️⃣ Invite users more easily and manage pending invites
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Donald, Garik, Daniel, Marek, Robér, Moritz, Roland, Ethan, Blair
  • 166 user-requested technology choices
  • Unlimited viewers on all plans!
  • Collaboration avatars in the toolbar and diagrams
  • Jump straight to where your teammates are
  • Export and download PNGs from the browser
  • Copy model/diagrams/flows into another landscape
  • Commenting toolbar for view-only users
  • List of pending or expired user invites
  • Revoke and resend pending user invites
  • Comma-separated batch user invites
  • Action list when deleting model objects and domains
  • Include the name of the person who invited the user via email
  • Refreshed user profile management
  • Clearer delete button for flows
Squashed bugs
  • SAML provider not being unlinked when email changed
  • The dotted line style on the pricing page is not easily readable
  • The diagram dropdown for shared links shows the total with drafts
  • Proposed time on drafts wraps to the second line
  • Cannot name objects the same as in another system
  • Viewer users are not able to move comments
  • Commenter users are now viewers
  • Removed weekly landscape subscription
  • Accuracy score changed to inaccuracy score
  • Only admins can create new landscapes
19th October 2023
Squashed bugs
  • Performance issue with large models and draft diagrams
  • Naming a new object the same as an existing in another system is not allowed
  • Overflow of date on merge dialog proposed column
  • Dead keys print into the object text field when typed in the canvas
  • Revert change making POST requests possible on the frontend
17th October 2023
Squashed bugs
  • Diagram count includes drafts on share links and versions
  • Issues with camera zoom position
  • Disabled change type tooltip showing on non-drafts
  • Error in model objects menu
  • Error for structured clone not existing
  • Latest text showing in navbar before anything else loading
  • Existing domain not showing as disabled in parent type change modal
16th October 2023
⚡️ NEW: Current vs Future state architecture
1️⃣ Future state design using draft diagrams
2️⃣ Improved model object and connection delete screen
3️⃣ New removed model object and connection status
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John, Richard, Ryan, Grant, Louis, Mike, Nathan, Rob, Nader
  • Design future state with draft diagrams
  • Merge proposed model changes for a draft diagram
  • List view to model object and connection delete dialog
  • Removed status model objects and connections
  • Deletion of multiple model connections at once
Squashed bugs
  • Status hit box is smaller than the button
  • Flow steps cannot be clicked in the diagram
  • Teams not including in JSON export
  • Travelling between versions sometimes results in errors
  • Creating versions makes some objects lower connections
  • Resetting camera while adding object leaves object in view
  • Sender and receiver list includes incorrect options
  • Object assignment menu does not select when pressing enter
  • Lower connection button loads slowly in the diagram
  • Updates x diagrams tooltip not showing correct number
  • Billing user cannot be invited when the organization is full
  • SAML login endpoint does not support POST for Okta redirect
  • Object and conection dropdown broken in flows
  • Long diagrams names not being truncated in the dropdown
  • Reassigning model connections leaves ghost diagram connectors
  • Updated icon for deprecated model status
  • Performance improvements when resizing window
  • Increase opacity of future and deprecated model objects
26th September 2023
⚡️ NEW: Connection improvements in diagram and details panel
1️⃣ Connection dropdown in canvas for faster selection
2️⃣ Cleaned up the right-hand panel for connections
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
  • Create and assign connections with an in-canvas dropdown
  • Simplified design for connections in the details panel
  • Sender and receiver dropdowns in the details panel
  • Tooltip on higher and lower connections to show the object
  • Icons in the model object family tooltip
  • In x diagrams helper text for object and connection creation
  • Tooltip on the flip connection button
Squashed bugs
  • Zoom when creating a connection creates a ghost connection
  • Replace remaining references of implied with lower and higher
  • Connections with no instances show first in the connections list
  • Connection reassign changing connector point for other instances
  • Team tabs not selecting
  • Replaced default unnamed connection with sends data to
21st September 2023
Squashed bugs
  • Selecting an existing object from the model dropdown freezes the canvas
  • Connection delete button from the model view does not work
  • Overlay bar for technologies does not include the count for connections
  • Technology catalog menu does not show recently used second time it is opened
15th September 2023
⚡️ NEW: Technology choices on connections
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Tarik, Christopher
  • Technology choices on connections
  • Show most commonly used technology choices first
  • Move connections down from a higher level when assigning
Squashed bugs
  • Tech choice removed when object changed to component or area
  • Escape when re-assigning connection removes connection
  • Connector point flipping to closest when clicking on the edge
  • Multi-selection sometimes doesn’t detect connections
  • Multi-row technolopgies poking out when overlay bar is collapsed
  • Shift clicking on the background removes any existing selection
  • Renamed implied connections to lower connections
  • Default tag group for new landscapes is now risk
  • Performance improvements for diagram and connections
15th August 2023
⚡️ NEW: Bitbucket cloud integration and object placeholder
1️⃣ Bitbucket (cloud) integration
2️⃣ Object placeholder for connections
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Marvin, Jack, Tarik, Daniel
  • Bitbucket Cloud integration for code repos and accuracy score
  • Linking of multiple code repo integrations from the same provider
  • Object placeholder when dragging out a new connection
  • Highlight conections after placing an existing object
  • User last active date column on the organization users
  • Hide connections not used in the flow steps
  • Manage members button on the invite users dialog
Squashed bugs
  • GitLab repos in subgroups aren’t detected
  • Object uniqueness is case sensitive
  • Validation error importing Structurizr workspace JSON
  • Technology choice list showing when connections multi-selected
  • Turkish characters not rendering on the canvas
  • Hide connection names on connections as default for new flows
  • Security remediations applied from our recent penetration test
15th August 2023
⚡️ NEW: Faster diagramming and model filtering
1️⃣ New diagramming workflow
2️⃣ Fuzzy search in all search boxes
3️⃣ New model object filter options
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Greg, John, Moritz, Luke
  • Simplified add button in the toolbar
  • Model object re-use and search menu for creation
  • Fuzzy search for all search text fields
  • Filter object list by internal, external and type
  • Filter object list by if object is in any diagrams or flows
  • Drag and snap connections to the whole side of objects
  • Drag and snap connections to the center of objects
Squashed bugs
  • Generic links to IcePanel open in a new tab
  • Delete diagrams not working from the overview page
  • The available seat count is wrong on the user invite dialog
31st July 2023
⚡️ NEW: History tab for model objects
1️⃣ History tab for model objects
2️⃣ Technology choices and icons for components
3️⃣ Billing user permission
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John, Andriy, Richard, Marvin, Joao
  • History tab for model objects
  • Technology choices and icons for components
  • 113 new requested technology choices
  • Billing user permission
  • Keyboard shortcuts for creating model objects
  • Delete diagrams from the landscape overview
  • Landscape restrictions for admin users
  • Warning triangle for unused objects in model objects list
  • Domains terminology instead of parent for systems
Squashed bugs
  • Bulk setting technology choices doesn’t set the icon
  • Team and technology overlay bar not wrapping correctly
  • Dragging object from model menu on 2nd level crashes
  • Pinning or moving comments changes the updated timestamp
  • Text next to images in comments gets removed when saved
  • CORS error when loading icons on share links
18th July 2023
⚡️ NEW: Show who owns what objects in your diagrams
  • Teams button in the overlay bar for diagrams and share links
  • Exporting of pinned teams for PNG exports
  • Domain text on the right panel when an object is at the top level
  • Dismiss button to the share onboarding tooltip
Squashed bugs
  • Various errors and issues loading canvas icons sometimes
  • Broken implied connections for duplicating landscapes
  • Wrong error message is shown for password login with SAML domain
  • Share link viewers can move objects for their view
  • Undo deletion of an empty diagram causing errors
  • Markdown characters for comments showing raw in the canvas
15th July 2023
Squashed bugs
  • Error loading icon does not retry
  • Error dragging objects with icons from model objects menu
  • Error due to loading invalid texture
  • Read only users are able to move objects on canvas
  • Resize renderer called when canvas does not exist
  • Include error happening on texture load
  • Incorrect bitbucket capitalization
3rd July 2023
⚡️ NEW: Show comment preview on diagrams
1️⃣ Show comment preview on diagrams
2️⃣ Batch update model object parents
3️⃣ Edit comments and replies after creation
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Vinay, Eric, Charlie
  • Update a batch of model objects parents at once
  • Pin comment content previews to the diagram
  • Simplified comment creation experience
  • New comment button when hoving on the comment button
  • Editable comments and replies after they are created
  • Consistent tooltips on multi-select team menu
Squashed bugs
  • Pressing escape on a new comment doesn’t allow new selections
  • Inviting a user twice sometimes causes them not to be able to access the org
  • The camera does not reset when clicking diagrams in the recommendations menu
  • Broken pill when multi-selecting future and live objects
  • Tag picker dropping to the next line on hover when almost full
  • Improved performance of loading many diagrams
19th June 2023
⚡️ NEW: Filter your model objects by status, tech & team
1️⃣ New filter options for your model objects
2️⃣ Multi-assign of team owners
3️⃣ 112 customer requested technology choices
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John, Charlie, Edwin, Grant
  • Status, technology and team filters for the model objects list
  • Multi-assignment of teams on the object multi-selection
  • 112 new requested technology choices
  • Installation as a local Chrome application
  • In 0 diagrams warning icon on the model objects menu
  • Empty state when searching the model objects list
  • Intuitive flow expand/collapse icon and button
  • Moving diagrams to another parent when they’re in a group
  • Search field for the team ownership selection dropdown
Squashed bugs
  • User token error when zooming on a share link
  • Camera position shifting when switching between editor and version
  • Corrections to key value, app config and service bus tech choices
  • Incorrect type and containing object when moving diagram to another parent
  • Areas are sometimes fully white on the initial load
  • Dragging connections sometimes creates slightly incorrect pixels
  • Connection design tab showing for read-only users
  • Connections are full opacity in a flow even when not being used
  • Accent border doesn’t show on the diagram name field
  • App bar glitch appears when loading for the first time
  • Alpha tester badge background broken
  • Improved performance for models with over 20k connections and objects
5th June 2023
⚡️ NEW: Statuses are now shown in the model objects list
1️⃣ Statuses are now shown in the model objects list
2️⃣ Performance improvements for large models
3️⃣ Home and end key shortcuts in canvas text fields
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Or, Donald, Kim, Ravin, Ryan, Michal
  • Model status in the model objects list
  • Alert when implied connections have no direct connections
  • Three rows in the multi-selection tag picker
  • Open in a new window when clicking the logo in an iFrame
  • Home and end keyboard shortcuts in canvas text fields
Squashed bugs
  • Model object connections list not visible in a drawer
  • The camera position not restoring correctly when the drawer is open
  • Wrong drawer height for multi-row tag picker in small mode
  • User token error when viewing share link diagram thumbnails
  • Connection opacity is not updated when another user changes a status
  • Incorrect layout positions for onboarding popups
  • Local storage errors for some browser privacy settings
  • Share links result in a 404 when the model object has been removed
  • Diagram name text field width too small in narrow windows
  • Space not working in canvas text fields at the end of the text
  • Technology overlay bar pin showing with no tech choices
  • Fixed error in the CLI tool for GitLab projects without a repository
  • Gap in PNG exports where the zoom button has been hidden
  • Performance improvement loading large models
  • Performance fixes when selecting objects in large models
  • Increased opacity of text on future/deprecated status objects
  • Reduced size of flow path tabs
22nd May 2023
⚡️ NEW: Model object live, future and deprecated statuses
1️⃣ Live, future and deprecated statuses for models
2️⃣ New overlay bar for technology choices
3️⃣ Batch updates for tech choices and statuses
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Richard, Louis, Nathan, Mike, John, Ryan & Grant
  • Live, future and deprecated statuses for objects and connections
  • Overlay bar for technology choices and model statuses
  • Pin all tags and focus mode in the overlay bar
  • Batch assigning of statuses and technology choices
  • Show two lines of tags in the tag picker
  • Create context diagrams from the diagrams dashboard
  • Save diagram group state to session storage
Squashed bugs
  • The flow camera position uses includes outgoing connections
  • Diagram search not checking diagram groups
  • Zooming errors on Safari
  • Blank flow names don’t have placeholders
  • Tag picker layout glitches when wrapping
  • Error setting object to external on Safari
  • Expand the collapse icon showing on read-only mode
  • Performance improvements for large landscapes
  • Hide share link options when the toggle is disabled
9th May 2023
⚡️ NEW: Add your technology choices
1️⃣ Add multiple technology choices to objects
2️⃣ Service icons added for Systems
3️⃣ Paste Path URL’s for repo linking
❤️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Louis, Nathan, Mike, Florian, James & Konstantin
  • Multiple technology choices on objects
  • Tech choice descriptions, website, docs and changelog links
  • Service icons for software systems
  • Paste paths for quick code repo linking
  • Show first three technology choices in the canvas
  • Light and dark compatibility for object icons
  • Resource icon pack for AWS
  • Request technology choice when not found in the list
  • Technology choices in JSON exports
Squashed bugs
  • Tours list not loading when domain not selected
  • Snowcone icon is displaying at the wrong size
24th April 2023
⚡️ NEW: Diagram thumbnail previews
1️⃣ Diagram thumbnail previews
2️⃣ Expand diagram groups in the diagrams list
3️⃣ Forwards button for stepping through history
♥️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
John & Charlie
  • Thumbnail previews for the diagram list menu
  • Expand and collapse diagram groups inline from the menu
  • Improved renaming text fields for diagrams and groups
  • Forwards navigation button
  • Edit step button for the flows panel
  • Restore the expanded state of the flow editor
Squashed bugs
  • Scrolling glitch on the diagram description dialog
  • Not showing create tour step button on the default flow
  • Moved the camera gizmo back to the left side
11th April 2023
⚡️ NEW: Refreshed navigation
1️⃣ Simplified nav to help with "where am I?"
2️⃣ Flows moved to the new left-hand panel
3️⃣ Diagrams moved to dropdown
♥️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Ryan, John, Grant, Charlie, Kim, Adam, Amanda & Carl
  • Simplified navigation and editor navbar
  • Flows moved to the new left-hand panel
  • Diagrams list and groups moved to dropdown
  • Diagram description moved to read more button
  • Background on diagram and flow previews
Squashed bugs
  • SAML login error in share links embedded in iFrame
  • Some search filters not respecting uppercase characters
  • Icon not showing when searching for S3
  • Error when assigning code repo links for the first time
  • Incorrect tooltip for toolbar app icon
  • Code repo dev branch is not being scanned
  • Camera controller moved to the top right corner
  • Changed rounding radius from 8 to 4 pixels
  • Reduced height of the editor toolbar
26th March 2023
⚡️ NEW: Powerful object and connection selection panel
♥️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Daniel, John, Rob, Grant
  • Redesigned right hand panel for objects and connections
  • Diagram and flow thumbnail preview in right hand panel
  • Show connection to and from objects when selected
  • New buttons for erase from diagram and delete from model
  • Filter model objects list by objects currently in scope
Squashed bugs
  • Duplicating landscape breaking diagram group
  • Self action doesn’t wrap to new line in diagram
  • Pulsing connection turns grey after being moved
  • Connection with no model will always be highlighted
  • File location not allowed in generic model object links
11th March 2023
⚡️ NEW: Icons and focus on selected objects
1️⃣ Technology choice icon pack
2️⃣ Quckly see dependencies on selected objects
3️⃣ Animated connections
♥️ Your feedback impacted this release, thanks to:
Richard, Grant, Marvin, Andy, JC, Or, Ryan, John and Wolfram
  • Technology choice icon pack
  • Focus on objects and dependencies on selection
  • Focus on connections with a pulse when selected
  • Onboarding zooming help for share link viewers
  • API endpoint for exporting flows as text or code
Squashed bugs
  • Pinned tags don’t show when viewing a flow
  • Share links not loading when third party cookies disabled
  • Flip connection button showing for bi-directional connections
  • Icons are not being ordered alphabetically
  • Move diagram button is not showing for some users
  • Issues caused by new lines at the end of landscape names
  • Code repo link URLs are not escaped correctly
  • Diagram icons and text overlap on the initial load
  • Errors resolving comments, exporting CSVs and ungrouping diagrams
  • SAML authentication moved to domain
26th February 2023
⚡️ NEW: Light mode exports
1️⃣ Light mode export
2️⃣ Move app & component diagrams to new parent
3️⃣ Merged the other contexts section in the model object menu
  • Light theme PNG and PDF exports
  • Share link SSO logins via a popup when in an iFrame
  • Move app and component diagrams to a new parent
  • Better confirmation dialog for deleting diagram groups
  • Growth trial with annual billing after completion
  • Show sections that aren’t empty when searching for model objects
  • Seat upgrade alert for organizations on legacy plans
  • Medium onto the user referred by options list
Squashed bugs
  • Youtube videos cannot be played in full screen mode
  • Hungarian characters not rendering on the canvas
  • Hidden tags not reflecting on exports when the tag bar is closed
  • Pinned tags glitch when they are larger than the area
  • Pinned tags showing under areas instead of on top
  • Areas not showing pinned tag border color
  • Changing the model object tag filter does not expand the correct objects
  • Merged the other contexts section in the model object menu
  • Performance improvements for many objects in the model tab
  • Performance improvements for large PDF exports
12th February 2023
⚡️ NEW: SSO share links and pin multiple tags
1️⃣ Protect share links with single sign-on
2️⃣ Pin multiple tags at once
3️⃣ Export PNGs with pinned and hidden tags
  • Share link login using SAML single sign-on
  • Pin multiple tags at once
  • Pinned and hidden tags now show on PNG exports
  • Disable share links for an organization
  • Enforce share link single sign-on for an organization
  • API and CDN in us-east4 and europe-west9 regions
  • Confluence iFrame code now uses 100% width
  • Live badge for navbar user avatar
Squashed bugs
  • Flow paths not showing on PNG exports
  • Flow step description glitch when it ends in a space
  • Objects hidden by a tag not hiding on first-page load
  • Error deleting domains
  • Improved Backstage import of relationships
28th January 2023
⚡️ NEW: Import your model from Spotify Backstage
1️⃣ Import your model from Spotify Backstage
2️⃣ Growth plan has replaced the indie plan
3️⃣ Cleaner onboarding and navbar
  • Import for Backstage entities
  • Growth plan with 1-4 seats
  • Rounded edges on generated iFrame code
  • Simplified growth trial flow
  • Show email address after registration
Squashed bugs
  • Recommendation describe button not linking
  • Gitch viewing no connections tab on model objects list
  • Error navigating to flow from share link flows menu
  • Ownership teams not showing for deprecated indie users
  • Cleaner onboarding and navbar
  • The indie plan has been deprecated
15th January 2023
⚡️ NEW: Show parallel sequences in flows
  • Parallel flow paths
Squashed bugs
  • Extra slash showing on disabled share link toggle
  • Errors when importing from large Structurizr models
  • Moved JSON/CSV export to the backend
2nd January 2023
⚡️ NEW: Search diagrams and flows quicker
  • Search field for diagram list.
  • Search field for flow list.
  • Tab bar to teams screen.
Squashed bugs
  • Diagram showing wrong flow step index for steps with no type
  • Creating an alternate path above another merges them
  • Switching flow paths reset selection back to start
  • Improved performance of connections list for large models
21st December 2022
⚡️ NEW: Show alternate paths within your flows
1️⃣ Alternate paths for showing different sequences within your flows
2️⃣ Performance improvements for large flow lists
3️⃣ Happy holidays! ☃️
  • Show alternate paths within your flows
  • Alternate flow paths when copying flows as code/text
  • Alternate flow paths in PDF exports
  • Alternate flow paths when creating share links
  • Alternate flow paths in tours
Squashed bugs
  • Major memory leak caused by a dependency
  • Multi-line flow step descriptions clipped
  • Add step in tour linking to wrong domain
  • Flow connection pulsing even when model removed
  • Bottom of flow steps can be selected with blank sidebar
  • Floating accuracy bar on teams page
  • Viewer tooltip suggesting to change model when in 0 diagrams
  • Changelog icons not centered
  • Object links in PDF exports
  • Performance improvements for large flow lists
7th December 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Help dialog videos not showing
  • The onboarding intro video size is too small
  • Empty state for flows sidebar too high for read-only users
  • Organization not found error when clicking the back button
  • Checkbox ripple not aligned
  • Sequence diagram code for flows is now copied to the clipboard
5th December 2022
⚡️ NEW: View flows as sequence diagrams
1️⃣ Updated help dialog
2️⃣ View flow as sequence diagram
3️⃣ Flows performance optimization for upcoming feature
  • Help dialog with videos and learning resources
  • Onboarding emails with videos
  • View flows as sequence diagram
  • Copy flows as text
Squashed bugs
  • Ambiguous message when unable to add from connections tab
  • New lines in object names not showing correctly in PDF flows
  • Creating diagrams via API not validating model object type
  • Performance improvements for large flow lists
  • Improved headings and tooltips for descriptions
  • Model objects button is now more prominent
20th November 2022
⚡️ NEW: Connections tab, generic object links and CSV export
1️⃣ Updated connections tab on objects to quickly add direct and implied connections
2️⃣ Link your model objects to anything in reality such as tasks, environments or other docs
3️⃣ New CSV export of your model and connections
  • Redesigned object connections tab
  • Implied connections added to the object connections tab
  • The object connections tab can now be filtered and searched
  • Generic URL links for objects
  • Model objects CSV export
  • Model connections CSV export
  • Invite multiple users at once on the invite dialog
  • External text for model objects in the library menu
Squashed bugs
  • Undo and redo hotkeys broken on QWERTZ keyboards
  • SSO with uppercase email addresses causing an error
  • Payment failing after subscription causes an error when re-subscribing
  • Domains show on PDF exports when not in use
  • Manage team button visible for editors
  • Object resize gizmos hide after socket re-connect
  • Performance improved for the code repo select menu when the repo has many branches
  • Users who create a domain are no longer auto-subscribed
12th November 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Domain text incorrect on flows list and existing diagrams menu
  • Actors and areas with no description do not show in export
  • Object disappears when moved out of the frame and undo pressed
  • Inactive tabs are clickable in the loading state
  • Straight connection line going across itself is not clickable
  • Show user invite dialog after trial start
  • Performance and memory usage improvements with object pooling
7th November 2022
⚡️ NEW: Diagram groups for better diagram organization at scale
  • Diagram groups
Squashed bugs
  • History log pagination not working
  • Connections in the diagram missing from existing connections list
  • Space after object name allows for duplicate names
  • PDF export timing out for larger landscapes
  • Text alignment issues with back button
  • Incorrect breakpoints for diagrams on landscape screen
  • Growth trial applies instantly on click
  • New connection button made less prominent
29th October 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Indentation is not supported in descriptions
  • Model object library is not sorted alphabetically
  • Flow step keyboard shortcuts overriding text fields
  • History log for comment not showing correctly
  • Incorrect scope used for object name conflicts
  • Inviting users in a diagram causes the page to reload
  • Growth plan now has a free 14 day trial
  • Free plan editors reduced to 1
  • Free plan flows reduced to 3
24th October 2022
⚡️ NEW: Improved the adding of objects in other diagram scopes
1️⃣ Adding objects from other scopes is now easier
2️⃣ Domain tabs can be reordered
3️⃣ Improved camera positioning for share links and tours
  • Reorder domain tabs
  • Add objects from other contexts without expanding its parent
  • Fresh Google Cloud Platform icons
  • History log when objects moved between domains
  • Improved upgrade dialog and pricing page
  • Inline feature upgrade popovers
  • Help icon for domains
Squashed bugs
  • Share link and tour step positions anchor to the top left instead of center
  • Connections removed when collapsing an expanded object
  • Permission changes not reflected in the app instantly
  • Incorrect share link copied from the version menu
  • Domains tab is missing a placeholder
  • Some read-only tab bars are editable
  • Recommendation score links broken
  • Improved visibility and click area for drawer divider
  • Increased visibility of model object table sort buttons
  • Explorable versions on the free plan changed to 3
  • Removed onboarding email sent when organizations have empty seats
9th October 2022
⚡️ NEW: Use Domains to split systems into logical groups
1️⃣ New Domains feature to help organize large models - for Growth & Enterprise teams
2️⃣ We’re now SOC 2 Type II compliant 🔐
3️⃣ Flows as text in PDF export
  • Domains for organizing your landscape for your business
  • Domains bar for quick switching
  • Share objects in diagrams between domains
  • Moving of model objects and context diagrams between domains
  • Other domains tab in the model library
  • Weekly update email for domains you’ve subscribed to
  • Domains column in the model objects tab
  • Exists in x diagrams menu shows domains
  • Model JSON, PNG and PDF exports include domains
  • PDF export includes flow steps as text
  • Cancel button for the model library search bar
Squashed bugs
  • Switching versions using the timeline sometimes makes half the canvas blank
  • External actor label missing from diagrams
  • Description editor replacing protocol schemes with https
  • Share link prevent navigation showing a link in the object flows tab
  • Landscape duplication and create flow buttons visible for commenters
  • Polar bear in space image has the wrong logo
  • Contention issues when sending bulk weekly update emails
  • Root object sometimes created in context diagrams
  • Landscape management moved to the top navbar
  • Landscape subscriptions are now domain subscriptions
  • Improved quality of images in the PDF export
24th September 2022
⚡️ NEW: Pinned tags now show on connections
1️⃣ Connections now show pinned tags and moved tag position below objects
2️⃣ Preparation work to help our scaling teams organize their models
  • Pinned tags moved underneath objects
  • Pinned tags show for connections
  • Flexibility to connection label position
  • Missing Vietnamese characters
  • Payment methods for Europe
  • iFramely app link configuration
Squashed bugs
  • Model create buttons not working
  • Reality link menu not loading for larger repositories
  • View model button showing in share link with prevent navigation enabled
  • Subscribe landscape button showing on version
  • Reality link menu now only shows main branches
10th September 2022
⚡️ NEW: Find object information fast with model filtering
1️⃣ Filter your model objects by tag for quick finding, analysis and changing
2️⃣ Connection flipping in connection design
3️⃣ Tags and flows included in export options
  • Include and exclude tags from the model objects view
  • Display description, type and icon included in model object searches
  • Flip the direction of a connection in the model
  • Tags and flows in JSON exports
  • Tags in PDF exports
  • Empty state for read-only description panel
Squashed bugs
  • Opening version timeline crops the canvas to half width
  • Flows not being included in PDF exports
  • Switching between objects when in markdown mode removes formatting
  • Show children button not showing when searching on model object share links
  • Diagram tabs with long names overflowing under the drawer
  • Edit link popup being clipped underneath the drawer
  • Description links to IcePanel being opened in a new tab
  • Create flow button visible on share links
28th August 2022
⚡️ NEW: More space with the collapsable information panel
1️⃣ More diagram space with the new collapsable information panel
2️⃣ Share links simplified
  • Collapsable right-hand drawer
  • Simplified share link dialog
  • Share links directly to a flow
  • Share link length increased
  • Share link options included as a random id
  • Share link password minimum length
  • Model name in message for history diagram updates
  • Public status page for service uptime/maintenance
  • Public security information page on the website
  • 3rd party licenses in the product
Squashed bugs
  • Creator of organization removed when downgrading plan
  • History tab not paginating correctly
  • Some tooltips not showing on hover
15th August 2022
⚡️ NEW: Email updates and embed interactive diagrams
1️⃣ Subscribe to weekly update emails for your landscape
2️⃣ Embed share link frames into your favourite apps
3️⃣ Improved history log
  • Weekly landscape update emails
  • Landscape subscription toggle
  • Embed share links into common apps
  • Icons and deep links from the history log
  • Improved context for descriptions in the history log
  • Background color on PNG exports
Squashed bugs
  • Back button not navigating to the history tab from the editor
  • Adding a connection with no model shows in the history log
  • Diagram not loading caused by an update race condition
  • Error when submitting SAML registration form
  • Improved performance of code repo selection menu
1st August 2022
⚡️ NEW: Audit history section for your landscape actions
1️⃣ See a history of the activity going on at a landscape level
2️⃣ Backend preparation for levelled model object and diagram history
  • Action log history for landscapes.
  • Backend preparation for levelled action logs.
Squashed bugs
  • Connection reassign not updating some flow steps.
  • Moving the version timeline sometimes deselects the current tag group.
  • Deleted comments cannot be viewed on the landscape screen.
  • Resolved inaccuracy dialog not showing.
  • Resize the cursor facing the wrong direction on the canvas.
  • Reduced amount of data sent to endpoints for diagram/flow/tour updates.
23rd July 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Comment list diagram name not truncating.
  • Corrected www redirects.
17th July 2022
⚡️ NEW: Per-landscape access permissions and onboarding
1️⃣ Lockdown landscapes for compliance &/or sandbox experimentation
2️⃣ New onboarding experience to teach the basics of C4 in IcePanel
  • Landscape set up onboarding wizard for new users.
  • Improved in-app onboarding for editor and commenter users.
  • Improved new user onboarding emails.
  • Animated images to onboarding tooltips.
  • Per-landscape access control.
Squashed bugs
  • Team management page not showing for enterprise organizations.
  • Commenter users are unable to move comments.
  • Azure DevOps repos with disabled flag causing an error.
  • The reality refresh button showing in the share link model objects tab.
  • Security improvements to SAML and password login endpoints.
  • Security improvements to headers and content security policy.
  • Disable frames for all URLs except for share links.
  • Model objects menu stays open when dragging objects onto the diagram.
4th July 2022
  • Force SSO login for organizations with it enabled.
  • Azure DevOps support in IcePanel CLI.
  • Always show the existing connections list when creating connections.
Squashed bugs
  • Create a model object button visible in empty share links.
  • Organization link is incorrect in invite emails.
  • Sign up page is not mobile-friendly.
  • XSS protection in email forms.
  • Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1.
  • Disable weak TLS ciphers.
  • Close button focuses when dialogs show.
  • Duplicate to organization button visible with no items in the list.
  • Clicking the checkbox on the sign-up form causes the background to flicker.
  • Empty arrays are being replaced in the query string.
  • Password reset field enabled after submission.
  • Move user profile fields later in sign-up flow.
  • Remove landscape template dialog.
  • Improve the error message for SSO logins on the password form.
26th June 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Inverted ordering for model objects screen.
  • Toolbar tooltips not showing.
  • Landscape delete button visible for commenters/editors.
  • Incorrect truncation for share link title.
  • Incorrect truncation of tags in tag picker.
  • Incorrect truncation of tags in the toolbar.
  • Error when currently viewing diagram is deleted by another user.
  • The wrong tab is underlined when an object and then a connection is selected.
  • Add connector icon hover state is larger than the clickable area.
  • Improved dragging performance on diagrams with lots of objects/connections.
  • New connection name text field does not autofocus.
  • Canvas text field cursor in the wrong location on 2nd line when text is wrapped.
  • Type/parent change buttons do not show on the model objects screen.
  • Type/parent change buttons do not show when selecting the current diagram object.
  • Descriptions with bold with spaces on either side create invalid markdown when saved.
  • Extra scroll bar when hovering on show tag.
  • Object child diagrams are not being updated when a version is created.
  • Connections are now included in box selections.
  • Email was replaced with work email on the sign-up form.
  • Remove the mountain image from the log-in screen.
  • Remove unnecessary routes for share links.
20th June 2022
⚡️ NEW: change object type and owner
  • Change model object types!
  • Move a model object to a new owner.
  • Parent object is now added when creating a new diagram.
  • CLI now supports GitLab.
  • API generic labels property for landscape resources.
Squashed bugs
  • Organization name and user name is missing from user invite emails.
  • Client does not remove cached diagrams when they are deleted.
  • Dragging areas also move objects which are not children in the model.
  • Apps being expandable at the app diagram level.
  • Error loading model objects view with sidebar already open.
  • View direct implied connection button not working in the editor.
  • Moving an implied connection to the parent breaks flows.
  • Canvas text cursor placed at the 2nd to last position when double-clicked.
  • Empty model object view is shown when the filter has no results.
  • Empty object is removed from the model even if it has model connections.
  • Tags disappear before toolbar is hidden.
6th June 2022
⚡️ NEW: tags bar and diagram flows are now more visible
  • Tags bar groups are now always visible!
  • The diagram flows tab is now even more noticeable!
  • Email notification when comments are replied to or resolved.
  • Automatically remove empty objects from the model when removed.
  • Control hotkey for diagram selections.
  • Model object view empty state.
Squashed bugs
  • Comment reply field visible on share links.
  • Pressing enter when mentioning a user in a comment does nothing.
  • Error when exporting PDF with an empty diagram flow.
  • View in model button sometimes does not work.
  • Tour step editable in version timeline.
  • Incorrect model objects table height for read-only users.
  • Back button not going to the correct diagram tab.
  • Tag not auto focusing on object drawer dropdown.
  • Comment dialog not showing for resolved comments.
  • Company size sign up field swapped for how did you hear about us
  • Share links now have designed in IcePanel badge.
21st May 2022
⚡️ NEW: table view for easier maintenance of your model
1️⃣ View, manage, update and clean up your model easier
2️⃣ Quickly find the object you’re looking for within your whole model
3️⃣ Create new objects quickly
  • New tabular model objects view.
  • View in model button in the object details.
  • Model name to the "existing diagrams" dropdown.
  • Component descriptions, store components and external in the PDF export.
  • Deleting organizations from the management screen.
  • Popup dialog for showing flow video larger.
Squashed bugs
  • Reset camera around an object not working.
  • Switching flow steps being added to the navigation history.
  • C4 model help overlay font sometimes falling back to default.
  • System style not external when dragging from library.
  • Error when creating new user without logging out of previous user.
  • Incorrect flow animation direction for bi-directional connections.
  • Could not find entry model error.
  • Team owned objects count per organization instead of per landscape.
  • Delete popup previews linking to diagrams.
  • Object details is now expanded by default.
  • Updated Azure data lake v2 icon.
10th May 2022
⚡️ NEW: simplified navigation for landscapes
1️⃣ We've made it easier to understand what you're seeing from the landscape view, by splitting out the diagrams, model, tours and teams tabs to help others explore.
2️⃣ We also brought the flows up to the top level, as we've heard how much people are loving them. 🙌
3️⃣ Performance improvements with extra nitrous 🏎
  • Simplified navigation for browsing landscapes.
  • New model object statistics overview tab.
  • Version timeline for landscape overviews.
  • Simplified landscape, editor and share link loading states.
  • Exports now support external styling.
Squashed bugs
  • Overriding keyboard events when embedded in Notion.
  • Implied connections allowing break out of prevent navigation for share links.
  • Manage organization button moved into the organization dropdown.
  • Performance improvements for editor loading.
  • Improved caching of WebGL textures.
  • Improved WebSocket handling.
28th April 2022
Squashed bugs
  • User invite dialog causes an error on landscape load sometimes.
  • Keyboard events are being gobbled up by IcePanel when a share link is embedded in Notion.
  • Wrong flow focus style for an external system, actor, component and store.
  • Resize object markers are being shown for read-only users sometimes.
  • Lost alert causing error in load race condition.
  • Object description character limit showing for read-only users.
25th April 2022
⚡️ NEW: on object descriptions and external system styling
1️⃣ Add short visible descriptions on your objects to help people quickly understand what each objects is in your diagrams.
2️⃣ Visually separate and tag your external systems, so people know what’s out of scope quicker.
3️⃣ GitLab has been added to our reality linking integrations.
  • Short descriptions for model objects displayed wherever that object exists.
  • Option to mark systems in your model as external in the new object settings.
  • Grey styling for external model objects to visually distinguish them.
  • GitLab reality linking and code repo integration.
  • New refresh button on the reality link tab to manually check status of links.
  • Zooming to the component level of stores.
Squashed bugs
  • Switching organizations always shows the "no landscapes" view.
  • Changing version timeline clearing object selection.
  • Opening the tag bar and switching perspective affect the back button.
  • Grey object connectors showing sometimes.
  • Un-necessary re-render of some UI components
  • Memory leak from text measurement.
  • Improved navigation bar styling.
  • Improved security for code repo integrations.
  • Performance: reduced canvas rendering to 40 FPS.
  • Performance: simplified interaction tree.
  • Performance: optimized culling checks.
  • Performance: reduced sprite sheet size.
10th April 2022
⚡️ NEW: tours, step-by-step navigation of your landscape
🧭 We heard that often the designers inside IcePanel were having to navigate for people, to show the tools full power. So we decided to make something that navigated for you.
🗺 Tours allows you to create a step-by-step navigation through your landscape, so you don’t have to. Each step shows exactly what you see as you create it, including diagrams, zoom position, tags, flows, selected state and so on - Create your first Tour from the Landscape home page! 🤩
  • Landscape tours for your teammates and stakeholders to easily walk through your designs.
  • Tours steps can show diagrams, flows, tags, camera and object selections.
  • Share link viewers now see the landscape overview page to help find what they're looking for.
  • Back button in the editor. (Possibly the most useful feature we've ever built 😉)
  • Organizations with overdue payments will now see an alert banner.
Squashed bugs
  • Onboarding help overlay not showing for commenter users.
  • Error when updating version name and notes.
  • Incorrect flow being selected when diagram flows tab clicked.
  • Bitbucket server integrations collapsing some empty directories.
  • Diagram thumbnail not being rendered after landscape duplication.
  • Editor camera controller tooltips not showing.
  • Version timeline and flow editor are both triggered when the left/right arrow key is pressed.
  • Incorrect zoom icon is being used sometimes for the parent model object area.
  • Error when opening whats new dialog on Safari.
2nd April 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Read-only viewers are not being able to zoom into systems with no children.
  • The IcePanel logo does not navigate back to the last location on the landscapes screen.
  • New tag group button not working when clicked from the right-hand panel.
  • Truncation is broken on the version timeline when a long version name is specified at the system/app level.
  • Reality links do not recognise CLI created code repos as integrations.
  • Punctuation is in the wrong place on reality links.
  • The "what's new" dialog showing on share links.
  • Error loading textures when quickly navigating away after loading a diagram.
  • Team ownership objects link to the incorrect diagram navbar.
  • A scrollbar sometimes appears on the hidden tags toolbar.
  • Accuracy menu shows the wrong expired link count on an empty screen.
  • Trust image on the code repo integrations screen was not updated for the accuracy score.
  • Dialogs are no longer included in the navigation history.
28th March 2022
Everyone can now link to reality!
👀 Our vision is to bridge the gap between design and reality, and we've changed our Trust score to help with this.
⚡️ The Trust score is now called the Accuracy score and will change depending on what diagram you're looking at! Free plan organizations can link up to 10 objects to reality, and the paid plans get unlimited linking with multiple linking to one object! 🤩
  • Reality links are now unlimited on the Indie plan.
  • Free plan organizations can link up to 10 objects to reality.
  • Multiple reality links can be added to an object on paid plans.
  • Systems, Actors and Areas can now be linked to reality.
  • Accuracy score now shows on ownership team objects.
  • Better navigation from ownership team objects.
  • Implied connections now show the direct connection it refers to in the right-hand panel.
  • Onboarding step to showcase the reality linking feature.
  • Better upgrade dialogue for easier to understand upgrade reasons.
  • Updated changelog modal, so changes are more obvious.
Squashed bugs
  • Azure DevOps integration button causing an error.
  • PDF export broken in some landscapes.
  • Error resizing an object in the diagram.
  • Flow steps don't always update when a model connection change was made.
  • Commenter users could see options not available to them.
  • Race condition with diagram objects rendering after it was destroyed.
  • Diagram text editing cursor sometimes does not appear.
  • Diagram editing text always uses placeholder tint.
  • Object library in the wrong position.
  • Trust score % is now an Accuracy count showing inaccurate comments and broken reality links.
  • Accuracy score is now specific to the diagram being viewed, including reality links and comments.
17th March 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Socket on some landscapes intermittently failing to connect for a short period.
  • Socket showing connecting overlay during scaling or timeout.
  • Flow pulse intermittently happens in reverse after a connection is reassigned.
  • Timeline version label is being truncated for system/app versions.
  • The version timeline does not scroll to the latest when it contains a revert event.
  • Warnings in the console when loading some routes.
  • Trust menu comment tab sometimes does not have an underline.
  • Diagram text editor cursor is off centre after showing the placeholder.
15th March 2022
Squashed bugs
  • Error exporting diagrams with icons to PNG.
  • Error loading connections with spaces or newlines.
  • Error when navbar loads before model objects.
  • Error when share link is not able to find root model object.
  • Text cursor not showing on the diagram after an object is created.
  • Some actions not being cancelled when the canvas is destroyed.
  • Share link and version URLs with projects not being redirected to landscapes
  • Some buttons are visible for users with lower permissions.
  • Background alpha of connection labels solid.
  • Memory leak with icon textures.
13th March 2022
  • Ownership teams, to manage larger teams and landscapes easier. [Growth plan]
  • Ownership teams allow you to assign ownership of model and in diagram objects.
  • Ownership team based dashboard to view and quickly jump to the teams owned objects.
  • List of members in ownership teams including name, role and quick access to email, to get expert knowledge quickly.
  • Implied connections to show existing lower level (child) connections.
  • Implied connections sync changes, including flow steps when direct connection is edited.
  • Ability to jump to direct connection from implied connection.
  • Rename landscapes from the dashboard.
  • Change user profile name from the profile menu.
  • Object preview in connection reassign dialog improved.
Squashed bugs
  • Flow pulse animation sometimes off center.
  • Tabs sometimes missing underline until clicked.
  • Last organization selection not persisted when opening a new tab.
  • Changing to an organization where you have a lower permission allows you to navigate.
  • Subtitle incorrect on recommendation score description tab.
  • Layout issues with diagram text when editing with multiple spaces.
  • Landscape being created with first landscape in the name.
  • Performance: Canvas interface icons are now rendered from a spritesheet.
  • Performance: Fixed memory leaks in canvas and description editor.
  • Performance: Reduced number of points used to draw connection lines.
  • Performance: Improved hit areas for objects and connection lines.
27th February 2022
  • New landscape navigation and sidebar.
  • Organization selection menu.
  • Job role update field in the profile menu.
  • Explanation helper about landscapes.
  • Improved discoverability of growth features on lower plans.
  • CLI tool for syncing bitbucket server instances on private networks.
Squashed bugs
  • Drawer flow count does not count flows on other diagrams.
  • Pinned tags are misaligned sometimes on apps.
  • Misaligned check boxes on share advanced settings.
  • Empty comment reply can be created using carriage return.
  • Local storage becomes full when too many diagrams are viewed.
  • The diagram view is sometimes not centred by default.
  • Teams have been renamed to Organizations.
  • Projects have been renamed Landscapes.
  • Refreshed onboarding with no upgrade popup.
13th February 2022
  • Bitbucket server code linking integration.
  • API keys on the team management screen.
  • Endpoints on the IcePanel REST API can now be authenticated with API key.
  • Additional information on the team member invite dialog.
Squashed bugs
  • Deleting expanded groups not removing objects contained inside it.
  • GitHub linking should be code repo linking in app and docs.
  • Moved feedback button into the profile dropdown.
  • Feedback form no longer requires Google login.
  • Improved performance of code link selection menu.
30th January 2022
  • Azure DevOps integration for growth plans.
  • Azure DevOps object linking.
  • Azure DevOps trust score checks.
Squashed bugs
  • Error when trust score scanning a GitHub branch with no files.
  • Error when quickly setting and unsetting model object links.
  • Page not found not centred vertically.
  • IcePanel Technologies Inc. is now registered in British Columbia, Canada!
  • GitHub authentication flow stores state in the URL.
15th January 2022
  • Indie paid plan with unlimited projects, tags, flows and more.
  • Save currency selection during sign up, checkout and upgrade.
Squashed bugs
  • GitHub links sometimes show as stale when many repositories are connected to one team.
  • User seats are not adjusted when a team plan is downgraded.
  • Comment user permission issues and excess features showing.
  • Connections can be added to diagrams twice using the existing connections panel.
  • Bi-directional connections are not visible in the existing connections panel.
  • Square connections disappear sometimes when connected to an actor.
  • Pulsing connection arrow is in the wrong location when the connection is selected.
  • Entering a name that conflicts with another scoped object does not cause an error when set in the right-hand panel.
  • Teams are temporarily put into a limbo state when 3D checkout fails during a purchase.
  • Sign up options are not persisted when clicking the verification link from a different browser.
  • Released our very large December refactor with stability and performance improvements.
  • Existing Indie plan has been renamed to the Free plan.
  • Structurizr workspace import is now executed on the backend.
  • Temporarily removed Areas from the recommendations score.
30th December 2021
  • Commenter seats added to indie and growth plans.
  • Add users to a team when signing up via SSO.
Squashed bugs
  • Error when setting protected share link password.
  • Error when creating inaccurate comments as a commenter user.
  • Entry diagram showing as a project recommendation.
  • Comment bubble popup not showing sometimes for commenter users.
  • Connection design tab showing for commenter users.
  • Disabled WebGL anti-aliasing on Safari due to performance issues.
  • Phase 2 out of 2 of our very large December refactor.
  • Read-only team users have been renamed to commenters.
19th December 2021
  • Modification of entry diagram when zooming into an object.
  • Reordering of diagram tabs.
  • Reordering of tag group tabs.
  • Checkbox in the object connections sidebar for quick toggling of existing connections.
Squashed bugs
  • Clicking an object from the toolbar doesn't allow it to be placed on the diagram.
  • Shift + Alt hotkey prints GroupNext into diagram text fields.
  • Dragging an area does not drag areas within it.
  • Dragging with multi-selection causes other context areas to jump around.
  • Z and X not working when typing into diagram text fields.
  • Some diagrams are incorrectly identified as project name recommendations.
  • Toolbar glitch when switching between versions on the model view.
  • SAML login errors are not being surfaced to the UI.
  • Phase 1 out of 2 of our very large December refactor.
  • New diagram button now has text when no diagrams exist.
5th December 2021
  • Comments menu with visibility toggle.
  • In-diagram question and idea comments.
  • In-diagram inaccuracy comments that affect the trust score.
  • Mention other users in comments.
  • Redesigned trust score bar and menu.
  • Trust score help menu on share links.
  • Project recommendations menu and progress circle.
  • Single sign-on login using SAML.
Squashed bugs
  • Area not dragging other objects inside it.
  • Tagged connection lines not highlighting when toolbar opened.
  • Tagged connection lines remaining pinned when toolbar closed.
  • Error when copying or pasting on Firefox.
  • Long object names not truncating on version menu.
  • Diagram update showing as "Today" even if yesterday.
  • Describing objects is now part of recommendations instead of the trust score.
  • Tweaks to scroll zoom accuracy when using a mouse.
20th November 2021
  • Reordering of flow steps by typing step number.
  • Duplication of projects across teams.
  • Duplication of flows.
Squashed bugs
  • Accuracy when using mouse wheel scroll on Windows.
  • Expanding or collapsing an object removes the object from flow steps.
  • Demo project thumbnail not correctly positioned.
  • Unauthorized error when logging in without a verified email.
  • Unable to load diagram sometimes when opening a project.
  • Socket not attempting to reconnect after an error.
  • Onboarding tooltips sometime not loading after login.
  • Error when duplicating projects on an indie team.
  • Flow names now wrap to the next line in the dropdown menu.
7th November 2021
  • Onboarding tooltips to help new users get familiar with features.
  • Demo project selection when teams are first created.
  • New automated emails for onboarding and team invites.
  • Additional in-app and in-email links to docs articles.
  • Moving a connection from one object to another updates diagram flows.
  • Last updated time and user name for each diagram.
  • Import of object documentation from Structurizr files.
  • Cut, copy and paste hotkeys when editing diagram text fields.
Squashed bugs
  • Flow connection animates in the wrong direction for bi-directional connections.
  • Duplicating large diagrams will load forever.
  • Users who are invited to multiple teams before registering will only be added to the first.
  • Undo/redo hotkey enters X or Z into diagram text fields.
  • "Back to viewing" button text incorrect for view-only users.
  • Connection tab does not update when a description is added.
  • Replaced aurora background effect with video for improved performance.
  • Pinned tabs do not disappear when hidden on the model tab.
  • View only users not able to see the connections tabs.
  • Diagram zoom removed from the team goals (replaced with onboarding tooltips).
  • Team user invite expiry extended to 2 days.
  • Hotkey for zooming around selected objects and connections: Shift + C
  • Hotkey for zooming around all objects and connections: CMD / Ctrl + Shift + C
24th October 2021
  • Camera gizmo with a zoom slider and camera reset button.
  • Smoooooth transition when resetting the camera.
  • Smoooooth transition when moving between flow steps.
  • Sexy connection animation for showing the direction of flow steps.
  • Self-action message type for flow steps.
  • PNG and PDF exports for diagram flows.
  • Highlight objects and connections when hovering on them in the flow editor.
  • Object flows tab that shows which flows an object is a part of.
  • Toggle connection name visibility when in a flow.
  • Autofocus flow step description when all fields are auto-filled.
  • Kubernetes community icon pack.
  • Improved gesture recognition for trackpad pinch to zoom.
  • WASD, ZX keyboard shortcuts for panning and zooming the camera.
  • Additional tooltips for disabled and unavailable flow step fields.
  • Demo project template.
  • Flow team goal for newly onboarded users.
  • PNG and PDF exports are processed on the background and sent via email.
Squashed bugs
  • Pinned tag labels do not disappear when a tag is unpinned.
  • Links tab is not visible when a zoomed-in object is selected.
  • Mouse scroll wheel sometimes pans the camera.
  • Flow view sticking even when changing diagram.
  • User becomes stuck when the view they are in is deleted.
  • "Removed" text in flow steps are grey instead of red when not selected.
  • Inconsistencies with socket handling when network availability or sleep state changes.
  • All delete buttons are highlighted in the object library when the delete dialog shows.
  • Glitches with diagram interactions when the diagram focus changes.
  • PNG and PDF exports timing out intermittently.
  • Inaccuracies with the culling of curved connections.
  • Glitches with the underline on tabs in the right-side panel.
  • Empty objects names jumping after creation.
  • Full height scroll bar on project list sometimes on the first load.
  • Changing e-mail address causes an internal server error.
  • Performance improvements when using the flow editor.
  • Toolbar camera buttons removed, you can still use space to switch the mode.
  • Team tabs are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Add flow step hotkey changed to CMD/Ctrl + Shift + E.
10th October 2021
  • Overlay and highlight flow sequences on top of diagrams.
  • Multiple flows per diagram with step editor and controls.
  • Outgoing and reply messages in flow steps.
  • Redesigned side panel with split mode.
  • More obvious project editing in the toolbar.
  • Hover states to tabs across the app.
Squashed bugs
  • Russian Cyrillic not rendering on diagrams.
  • Description editor not showing on model view.
  • Dragging objects from the sidebar cannot be cancelled with the escape key.
  • C4 help tooltip not showing after navigation.
  • Socket connecting when a tab is reloaded in the background.
  • Users with edit access can see the GitHub link button.
  • Object library hiding after a model is deleted.
  • Delete and enter key pressed quickly deletes objects in the diagram when editing their name.
  • Compress Bitmap font in diagrams.
27th September 2021
  • Select and tag multiple objects at once.
  • Delete multiple model objects at once.
  • Model JSON export on the share dialog.
  • Show the icon on the diagram when a tag is pinned.
  • Public roadmap on the landing page.
Squashed bugs
  • Zoom on Firefox is too sensitive.
  • Join team email link picking incorrect tab.
  • Share link call to action not showing for indie teams.
  • Empty group tag icon not rendering.
  • Model object list is not ordered correctly.
  • Empty system/app text out of alignment.
  • Various undefined/null errors reported by error tracker.
  • New mail provider to improve deliverability of activation emails.
  • Duplicating projects no longer include versions.
12th September 2021
  • Freeze systems and apps independent from the project. (Growth plan)
  • Timeline at each level shows versions taken from higher up. (Growth plan)
  • Pin tags to objects and connections in tag bar to make them always visible.
  • Hide tagged objects and connections from diagrams and the model.
  • Expand multiple levels of objects to show dependencies inside other systems and apps.
  • Documentation template for connections.
  • Common branch names are ordered first in the GitHub link list.
  • Super cool lights background on the user and share link login pages.
Squashed bugs
  • Removed HTTP polling in favour of WebSockets, fixing XHR error.
  • Truncation for long object, diagram and version names across the app.
  • Un-tagged connection color being too dark when used over areas.
  • Actors being unable to select text or use click shortcuts.
  • Browser zoom distorting the version timeline.
  • Timeline panning using arrow keys even when dialogs are open.
  • Team upgrade not applying instantly due to race condition.
  • Deleting a diagram may set the objects child count to zero.
  • Other diagrams list not being updated correctly in some cases.
  • GitHub API branch request not paginating correctly.
  • Issues with icon and lib tree shaking reducing the bundle size considerably.
  • Connection label position bar being the incorrect color.
  • Read-only users not being able to open a GitHub link.
  • Icon textures loading more than once due to a race condition.
  • Object library items are not being ordered alphabetically.
  • Area border not highlighting when a tag is hovered on.
  • The IcePanel team has relocated to British Columbia, Canada! 🇨🇦
29th August 2021
  • Share links using the current diagram location.
  • Share links with navigation locked to the current diagram.
  • Share links with default tag groups visible.
  • Model object descriptions connected to the Trust Score.
  • Structurizr workspace JSON import.
  • Create template option for description panel.
  • Create blank diagram option in diagrams.
  • Duplicate button on projects screen.
  • Rename project from the app bar.
  • Onboarding checklist for teams with a prize at the end!
  • Onboarding golden Brian hunt across the app.
  • Service worker with offline caching and update management.
  • Billing in CAD and GBP currencies.
Squashed bugs
  • Unpredictable bugs caused by code and data consistency between updates.
  • Outdated GitHub link not showing in the right-hand panel.
  • Contact page failing to send a message.
  • Project list tab-width is not correct with many teams.
  • iFrame and XSS security vulnerabilities in-app.
  • Dialogs and menus not positioning correctly.
  • Model deletion is too easy to confirm.
  • Brand and landing page refresh.
  • Team plan was renamed to the growth plan.
  • Personal projects were deprecated and migrated to indie teams.
  • Up to 3 collaborators on the indie plan.
  • Trust score descriptions are now available on the indie plan.
  • Up to 5 saved versions are now available on the indie plan.
17th August 2021
  • Tags and groups for objects and connections.
  • Colors for connections and objects.
  • Show/hide tags toolbar, hovering to highlight colors.
  • Icons for tag groups.
  • Undo/redo keyboard shortcuts.
  • Version subtitle in share links.
  • Badges for alpha and beta users.
  • "This may take a while" message when exporting.
Squashed bugs
  • Trial dialog not showing for teams.
  • Incorrect chunking causes slow initial page loading.
  • Faster loading of large diagrams.
  • Faster version switching.
  • Version timeline moved underneath the navigation bar.
  • All projects now use WebSockets for diagrams.
1st August 2021
  • Added versioning menu.
  • Added version creation with name and notes.
  • Added timeline view for browsing old versions.
  • Added version reverting with revert notes.
  • Added share links for selected older versions.
  • Added diagrams list to model object sidepanel.
  • Added camera lost alert popup to find your objects again.
  • Added animated model objects count badge.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed glitch when hovering on link button.
  • Fixed timeout bugs with real time socket when left open in background.
  • Fixed export to PDF failing for large projects.
  • Fixed ctrl + s save hotkey not working on Windows.
  • Legacy diagrams can no longer be opened, only converted to a project.
  • Real time socket disconnects when IcePanel is left open in the background.
  • Projects are ordered by last updated date.
18th July 2021
  • Added curved lines which are now the default line type!
  • Added new connection styling and dependency highlighting.
  • Added hover on connections to bring them to the front and focus.
  • Added connection label position slider at 30%, 50% and 70%.
  • Added ability to expand out of scope objects into areas and collapse them again.
  • Added other contexts section to model objects list with out of scope objects.
  • Added automatic resizing of areas based on the object scope.
  • Added ability for areas to move objects inside them.
  • Added what's new (features) dialogue to the home screen.
  • Added team billing option for Euros.
  • Added share link not found page when using incorrect URLs.
  • Added IcePanel branding or team name to share links.
  • Added greyed out connection design tab when creating new connections.
  • Added automatic centring of diagrams on their first view.
  • Added automatic centring of diagram if viewed after scrolling off the edge.
  • Added new PDF export structure with linked table of contents.
  • Added sign up autofill email address when inviting team members.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed share links and PNG exports not showing connection labels.
  • Fixed app not launching when running in Firefox with "do not remember history" option.
  • Fixed editor Ctrl + S save hotkey not working on Windows.
  • Fixed race condition bugs with real-time editing on the model tab.
  • Fixed real-time editor not saving after 30-40 minutes of inactivity.
  • Fixed panning onto navbar and letting go of the mouse continuing to pan.
  • Fixed actors not showing how many diagrams they have in the model view.
  • Fixed depth of the model tab in front of the right panel.
  • Fixed crash when removing the first and only character on the first line of a text field.
  • Fixed glitches with the model objects and icon selection dropdown accordions.
  • Fixed hashes in documentation links being converted into HTTPS.
  • Fixed inconsistent icon sizes in places.
  • Public share links are now on the indie plan!
  • Improved diagramming and navigation performance.
  • Improved performance for projects with large models.
  • Thumbnails, PNGs and PDFs are now rendered on our servers.
  • Diagram pan and scale is now saved in local storage rather than IndexedDB.
6th July 2021
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed connections being editable on share links.
  • Fixed icon search showing empty packs.
  • Fixed icon menu not always saving selected pack.
  • Fixed connections not showing in 0 diagrams.
  • Fixed shift select not working.
  • Fixed deleting last character on first line causing error.
  • Fixed new lines not working on name fields.
  • Fixed actor not having in x diagrams label.
  • Fixed auth token not being renewed correctly on team projects.
3rd July 2021
  • Added model based connection management.
  • Added object connections to and from panel.
  • Added intelligent bulk connection updates.
  • Added straight line connections in new design panel.
  • Added no direction and bidirectional connection arrows.
  • Added tooltips and hints when updating connection and object names.
  • Added bottom left and bottom right connector on actors.
  • Added double clicking words to select in object text fields.
  • Added tripple clicking to select all in object text fields.
  • Added command s shortcut to save in object text fields.
  • Added help tooltip when creating model connections.
  • Added improved PDF exporter with Markdown support.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed profile menu not clickable from editor.
  • Fixed deleting objects did not refresh the model objects menu.
  • Fixed editor memory leak.
  • Fixed PDF export performance issues.
  • Fixed connection text out of alignment.
  • Fixed large icon sizes on export screen.
  • Reduced scale of model view.
21st June 2021
  • Added all new description panel editor.
  • Added Markdown support to description editor.
  • Added separate descriptions for each diagram.
  • Added new breadcrumbs with C4 model specific help and tooltips.
  • Added interface elements to teams with expired trials.
  • Added simplified feedback button and form.
  • Added simplified main navigation bar with model and diagram tabs.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed description panel not scrolling.
  • Fixed error when clicking background of canvas.
  • Fixed bug creating connections in teams.
  • Fixed objects not creating for team projects.
  • Fixed register error when no billing cycle supplied.
  • Fixed password field not auto focusing on share link.
31st May 2021
  • Added team user management and access control.
  • Added team billing through Stripe.
  • Added real time team collaboration.
  • Added read only public share links for teams.
  • Added read only password protected share links for teams.
  • Added tab based projects page with search.
  • Added skeleton loaders to interface.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed connection name not editable via side panel.
  • Fixed inconsistent icon sizes.
  • Fixed memory leak when exporting diagrams.
  • Fixed projects list not scrolling after returning from editor.
  • Documents renamed to projects.
  • 14 day trials moved to team plan.
  • Performance improved when loading personal projects.
  • Improvements to socket handling.
13th May 2021
  • Added C4 model help button and dialog.
  • Added missing GitHub link icon to sidebar.
  • Added WebSocket based diagram interface.
  • Added saving of last GitHub repository menu state.
  • Added GitHub repository menu cache.
  • Added GitHub link button to top right corner of areas.
  • Specs moved to the free tier.
1st May 2021
  • Added GitHub integration.
  • Added object linking to a GitHub repository, branch or path.
  • Added trust score indicator to specs.
  • Added trust score menu with outdated GitHub links.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed scrolling in editor not working directly after interacting with documentation.
  • Fixed project name not showing in breadcrumb for model view.
  • Fixed trackpad accidentally causing whole website zoom.
  • Fixed object zoom activating when resizing or dragging editor objects.
  • Improved performance of icon selection menu.
  • Tweaked icon and button layout inside editor objects.
  • Removed minus circle icon from accordions menus.
18th April 2021
  • Added model editor tab.
  • Added diagram views cloning and naming.
  • Added Azure icons.
  • Added icon packs category accordions.
  • Added clone to spec button.
  • Added zoom out icon for objects.
  • Added zoom and pan saving to local store.
Squashed bugs
  • Fixed areas and connections not being 1:1 with model.
  • Fixed double clicking creating wrong object on some diagrams.
  • Fixed areas being selectable when clicking the middle of the area.
  • Fixed selection not always removing hover state.
1st April 2021
  • Added modelling support for system specs.
  • Added new system, app, component object types.
  • Added nested model zooming and navigation.
  • Added ability to manage models from toolbar.
20th March 2021
  • Added AWS and GBP cloud platform icon
14th March 2021
  • Initial release